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Thank you for your interest in Cowboy Fishing Charters in Key West, Florida! You can submit your reservation request by filling out the form below or calling us at (305) 294-5888

Thank you for your interest in Cowboy  Cowgirl Fishing Charters in Key West, Florida! We hope you have an amazing time. Listed below are our private and shared (split) charters. For private charters, you can go out on "Cowboy" or "Cowgirl." Cowboy is a 36 ft Hatteras and Cowgirl is a 45 ft Hatteras. Prices for the private charter differ depending on which boat you choose! Private charters consist of an experienced captain, first mate, you and your personal guest. On shared (split) charters there can be up to 6 guest on board. Our 1/2 day charters are 4 Hrs, 3/4 Day Charters are 6 Hrs., and our full day Charters are 8 Hrs. The captain will determine the best place to fish and what is biting the most to make sure they keep the action going to ensure all guest are having a great time.  Book now to reserve your day or give us a call @ (305)294-5888.

Cowboy (Private) 36 Ft Hatteras Cowgirl (Private) 45 Ft Hatteras Split Charters (Not Private)
1/2 Day  $700
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1/2 Day $900 Book Your Charter 1/2 Day Split  $175 PP 1/2 Day -Split Charter
3/4 Day $850 3/4 Day Private Charter-Cowboy (36 Ft Hatteras) 3/4 Day $1,050 3/4 Day Private Charter-Cowgirl (45 ft Hatteras) 3/4 Day Split $225 PP 3/4 Day-Split Charter
Full Day $1,000 Full Day Private Charter-Cowboy (36 ft Hatteras) Full Day $1,200 Full Day Private Charter-Cowgirl Full Day Split $275 PP Full Day Split Charter
Night Shark Tarpon Sunset-Shark-tarpon - Cowboy (4 hrs) Night Shark Tarpon Sunset Shark Bottom fishing- Cowgirl (4 hours)

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